Be sure your computer meets these system requirements. The HP c was introduced in and is still a very common printer. You can peel off theadhesive strip after printing. He is a lifelong computer geek and loves everything related to computers, software, and new technology. Print a mirror image when you use an iron-on transfer.

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Look through computer magazines for thenames of companies that sell clip art. When a print cartridge starts to run out of ink, replace it. HP’s web site lists the same software documentation for the, and series printers, so any drivers that work with one will probably work with the others as well.

HP Deskjet c Specs – CNET

Click the Setup tab. This website is using cookies. Page 66 4 Reinstall the print cartridgesa.

Page pprinter How to print on both sides of thepaperBook optionThe easiest way to save paper is to print on both sides. Print on both sides of the paper. Tear off and discard the perforated strips, if there are any.

Minimum printing marginsSystem RequirementsThe printer cannot print outside a certain area of the page, soyou must make sure the contents of your document fall withinthe printable area—that is, within the top, bottom, left, andright margins available for the specific size paper on which youare printing.


Page 16 5 Plug the other end of the power cord into an electrical outlet.

Page 27 Uninstalling the printer softwareFor Windows 3. This debris caninclude dust, hair, carpet, or clothing fibers. By continuing to browse, you are agreeing to our use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy. Make sure the computer is operational, meets theminimum system requirements and that its USB port isenabled and properly configured.

Connecting your printer with a parallel printer cable. Page 7 Step 4: Print cartridgesTo replace a print cartridge: How is the Printwr Competency Level Attained? Page 63 or sn ame jstujn ded diam noft juestkut labore qusft volsed kitft ghocknorProcedure 2: If something unexpected happenedduring installation, the safest method is to run the uninstallutility directly from the CD or disks, rather than from theuninstall program that was placed on your hard drive.

Hold the printout up to amirror to see how the final product printeer look. If youare using a parallel cable for communications betweenyour printer and your computer, see page 3.

Print a test page.

HP Deskjet c – iFixit

Cleaning the print cartridgesTo clean the print cartridges from the HP Toolbox: Remove both pieces of plastic packingmaterial from the inside of the printer. Page 54 Printer SoftwarePrinter software also referred to as a printer driver allows yourprinter to talk with your computer. Always fan the paper to fluff it before loading it. Desljet do not have a replacement, leave the empty printcartridge in the cradle of the printer.


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If Windows is unable to find a driver, click Back toreturn to Step 4. See that driver entry for more information.

Page 26 More information about yourprinter softwareClosing Software ProgramsBefore installing the printer software on a computer, close anyvirus protection programs or other software programs that areopen and running on the computer, except the HP DeskJetinstaller, Windows Explorer, or Program Manager. When you use HP Banner Paper, yourbanners print with brighter color and denser blacks than if youuse other banner paper.

Greeting cards, business cards, recipe cards, orinvitations to opening night. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Downloads: