If you wish to install unixODBC , enter y at the prompt. It gives full installation instructions for the Unix-literate, and if you are confident in the use and administration of your system, you can follow the instructions in the INSTALL. Miscellaneous Does the InterBase driver support multiple transactions on a single connection? Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! In this case, the operating system routine will not be able to perform the conversion, and will not give the expected result. If this is the case, create a separate DSN with this option set for use only with Access. If a message is displayed about a reduced usage count, repeat this step until odbcinst states that the Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver has been removed.

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If an attribute can contain one of several specific values then each possible entry eassysoft displayed and separated by a pipe symbol. If you see this warning it will be necessary to make sure all applications using the file in question are stopped and the installation is rerun. Why does make test for Perl DBD:: If you intend to license the software after finishing the installation, enter n and go to Completing the installation.

The script runs odbcinstthe command for installing data sources under unixODBC. Why do not my PHP scripts appear to run on the eassysoft server?

Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver User Guide – Configuration

How do I transfer a license? If you read your email in Windows, this attachment will be visible but it will not work for licensing Unix versions of the software.


The script pauses at this point. The integration into our databases and the assistance given with bulk uploads and a general helpful attitude was outstanding. Amend the Database, User and Password attributes in the new odbc.

InterBase ODBC Driver – Visual Studio Marketplace

NB Select the highest release available for your platform within your licensed major. If you use the Email Request option, the license key is emailed to the email address as displayed on the License Manager screen, not the from: The client process uses a intrebase protocol to connect to a server process, which then connects to the server database, so avoiding many problems with permissions encountered when connecting to a local database.

The License Manager displays the menu again. The installation will examine your system in an attempt to locate an already installed unixODBC.

The Windows installation can be carried out by anyone with local administrator privileges for the target machine. Only Select statements are permitted and no UpdateInsert or Delete statements are allowed. Given the SQL statement. Supported features include all Interbase data types, direct access innterbase the Interbase catalog, full size metadata names, roles, Rasysoft dialects, transactions, and stored procedures.

This ensures that updates made by Select procedures are committed. You can confirm these as long as you are sure you are in the correct directory.


This information only applies to systems with the ld. InterBase uses a transaction model that avoids deadlocks between conflicting updates from concurrent applications. Although this section covers a range of platforms and the precise output may vary from system to system, the installation process is essentially the same.

This frees the locked files and allows the installation to complete without a system restart. NB If you download a Unix file easyeoft Windows, the browser may alter the filename. Flaming or offending other users.

Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver User Guide – Configuration

The installation script can accept a path to a directory that does not exist, provided a parent directory exists. The InterBase metadata store contains a value for the Owner or Schema of a table.

Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! The posting of advertisements, inferbase, or personal attacks is prohibited. You can now go to step. Then look no further. It may return data if at least one of the procedure arguments has been defined as an output parameter into which values can be placed. If you are not using any other Easysoft software then you may remove the path to the common Easysoft shared objects:.