However you can bring the hard drive to another computer and copy the install program into the hard-drive. Doceave posted on February 10, I still have my floppy’s for First Choice that i have been attempting to install into my xp, but of course i am having problems. However, a problem has occurred. And even if it is not, one should prune a quote down to what is relevant to your reply. Noah Tyson posted on May 15,

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BlackMetalWar posted on February 16, Arthur Ludwiczak posted on December 8, Please help as I really need this to work. Josh in Nebraska posted on March 3, I will try it out.

The driver is installed in D: If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Unfortunately it keeps crashing as soon as I start any virtual machine. OK, so I fixed both the display driver issue and the CD driver issue, but now, when I have finally installed the game I’m dod all this for, I get a prompt that says “System Error Cannot read from drive D.


If your CD drive doesn’t show up, make sure you installed the driver I included in the original post.

MS-DOS CD install? — WinWorld

Starting with win8 ms dropped a lot of backward compatibility. Przemek Laskowski posted on February 8, Can I actually accomplish this with your file or do I need a stand alone disk set.

You did a great job! I hope you will be able to enlighten me on this. We used this OS from around here in North-Norway- all of us: Noah kirsle posted on October 18, Johan posted on October 1, Its running on a W power supply, and i am unsure about if you need a certain amount to boot off of it.

By the way, normally, if the hard drive crashed, it will crash again soon.

Mousy posted on September 24, Lordmoggy posted on Gom 28, If it does then go to http: Thanks for these 3. Post as a guest Name. Welp, I took the lazy route and just bought Professional.

[REQUEST] CD/DVD Drive Drivers For MS-Dos — WinWorld

Having to read past a dozen irrelevant nested quotes of the entire thread gets tiresome, and is quite silly. BelowTheBelt posted on August 16, Where can I find them? There is a discussion at http: I agree with the pause as the first line in the autoexec.


Pete Hera posted on September 9, I am roj there is Museums on PC-s many places around the World.

[REQUEST] CD/DVD Drive Drivers For MS-Dos 6.22

I don’t remember if cardfile was one of those, but I would try copying that, old paint, and other accessories you need to a more modern installation. I want to try something different than the standard operating system GUI. This leads me to believe that I have the drive and its driver set up correctly.