Dynamically configurable adder and subtracter functions. Exponential of Single-Precision Format Numbers. An Application Specific Accumulator. Clock enable to the floating-point adder or subtractor. It replaces all the functions supported by the existing floating-point IP cores shown in the previous chapters in this document, starting from Quartus II software version Performs cube root to the input value.

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Support for floating-point formats.

This port is optional. During the loading of the input memory, infel FPC datapath preprocesses the input elements to generate the first column of the resulting triangular matrix.

Cholesky Decomposition Function Top-level Diagram. The final stage of the matrix inversion process involves multiplying the transpose of the inverse triangular matrix with the inverse triangular matrix using the Altera Floating-Point Matrix Multiplier. Converts fixed-point format data to the IEEE standard floating-point representation.

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Run the design example files in the ModelSim-Altera software to see the complete simulation waveforms. Follow these steps to locate, instantiate, 112685 customize an IP variation in the parameter editor: C 1F75h.

Converts IEEE standard floating-point representations to the fixed-point format. Floating-point input data to the multiplier.

Clock enable to the floating-point adder or subtractor. Deassert this signal synchronously to the input clock to avoid metastability issues. The first result out of the vector section is latched onto the left register of the root section.


Floating-Point IP Cores User Guide

The fixed-point data type is similar to the conventional integer data type, except that the fixed-point data carries a predetermined number of fractional bits. In the single-precision format, the input bus width value is For the first element in each new column, both rows have the same index; hence contain the same values. Comparison of Single-Precision Format Numbers.

The complex multiplier in the root section is therefore a real scalar, so only two real multipliers are required.

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This table lists the inputs and corresponding outputs obtained from the simulation waveform. Specifies the precision of the mantissa.

If the selected precision is the single-extended precision format, the input bus range is from 43 to Denormal inputs are not supported and are forced to zero before comparison takes place, which results in inttel dataa[] value being equal to datab[].

If this parameter is not specified, the default value is Specifies the number of clock cycles needed to produce the result. The absolute value of the result is reflected on the result[] port. Boolean port which signals the beginning of a new data set to be accumulated. The undefined value is seen on the result[] port, which is ignored.


This IP core performs square root calculation based on the input provided. For the complex matrix, both the input and processing memory blocks contain complex values. Input data is burst in regularly, one at every inel cycle. Allow calculation to take place when asserted. This is a standard value to represent a negative overflow number.

Converts integers to the IEEE standard floating-point representation. Latency Options for Each Precision Format Precision Mantissa Width Latency in clock cycles Single 23 16, 28 Double 52 30, 57 Single-extended 31 20, 36 32 20, 37 33 21, 38 34 21, 39 35 22, 40 36 22, 41 37 23, 42 38 23, 43 39 24, 44 40 24, 45 41 25, 46 42 25, 47 43 26, 48 44 26, 49 45 27, 50 46 27, 51 47 28, 52 48 28, 53 intep 29, 54 50 29, 55 51 30, Matrix input data load: