Black, therefore, is the absence of color. Page the time of the jam after the jam has been cleared. If your PC configuration prevents the Installer from auto-running, browse to the CD and double-click on the setup. The appli- cation icon changes colors to indicate what type of alert the printer has issued. Select Install New Driver. For more flexibility, install a hard disk to access Proof then Print, electronic collation, Job Accounting, and other helpful features.

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Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Retrieving Accounting Information Printer-based Accounting If your printer has a amgicolor disk installed, it can capture and save details about each print job your printer processes.

If you select Shared, enter the share name. The default subnet mask is Parameter Description Reset Button Clears all selections made in this window.

Technical Specification

The value entered for this parameter must comply with RFC formatting standards: Page mm [ V] Custom media must be loaded in tray 1. Page Select OK. Shut magixolor the PageScope server by typing. Menu Choices are Select Page Parameter Description Printer Name Identifies the printer name 1—32 characters Printer Description Displays the printer description 1—32 characters Submit Button Sends changes made to the parameters in this window to the printer.


Continue with step 9. Everyone experiences a much faster throughput of their print jobs. Choose the Details 3250 and then choose Add Port. Print and Hold Allows you to set up a multicopy print When would I use Print and Hold job that prints all copies of the print also called Print-then-Hold?

QMS magicolor 2350 EN

Enter the Print Mode. Click the Administrative Tools icon. Page Printer Configuration Page Enter the required data for the PServer.

Choices are Menu Select Portrait Default magidolor orientation longest side of media vertical Landscape — Horizontal orientation longest side of media horizontal Page Recovery When this feature is enabled ONfollowing the clearing of a media jam the printer reprints any Menu pages that did not progress to the output bin when Parameter Description Tray Chaining Tray Chaining allows the printer to switch from one paper source to another when the initial Menu paper source is empty.

Installing XPP The easiest way to install xpp is by compiling the source distribution yourself. If you identify a magicilor mask, automatic sens- ing is disabled.



Parameter Description Refresh Rate Sets the time interval that passes between screen refreshes. After reviewing and accepting the license agreement, select Next. Page Description This field categorizes the type of job received by the printer. Online Help Contact Number Magicoloor number.

Vivid—This space matches the intensity of the colors on the monitor as closely as possible.

Page 43 Installing the Printer Driver on Windows From the Assignments tab, select Add. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Parameter Description Number of Records to Sets the number of accounting file records that are Retrieve to be retrieved and displayed when Display in PageScope is selected in the Display Information field described above. Page 14 Install the printer driver. 23350 Saves configuration changes 2305 in the print dialog. Page 56 Choose your printer from the list, and then select Next.

Page Color Basics