I’ve tried Bios F5 but much worse than F4, lot’s of instabilities. Not cold boot issue when oc’ing anymore, i dont have to set the clock to first, i just set 10x and it rocks! Still can’t go higher that Mhz HTT. The giga’s voltages are pretty much rock steady, something my neo2 never was. Thanks for the update — any pics? Everything is going back. Anyone know where I can get a better and or modded bios for this board?

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Gigabyte Technology GA-K8NS Ultra-939, Socket 939, AMD Motherboard

Let us know how it goes Lithan. Any luck with the Mach 2 and the msi?

Doesn’t seem like a good oc’er though. Sometimes ultrw one stick just for high clock purposes. I always thought the neo2 needed a vht setting in its bios Prime Bent a couple of pins, I was lucky to be able to bend them back.

Nothing but problems from day 1. I just installed this board. I read this whole thread again and Lithan was using the 9 multi just fine. Hopefully results on the 6th. From reading these forums for a month now I am leaning toward getting a Ultra.


Gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra – motherboard – ATX – Socket – nForce3 Ultra Overview – CNET

The Neo2 gives me booting problems if my sys if shut down for more than 5 hours approx. It seems that the layout of these boards looks exactly the same as K8NS Pro and K8N Pro so you probably can do the same vdimm mod gihabyte this one here: Abit and nvidia had a falling out due to nvidia giving them crap nf2 chips at the start thus rev 2. Uptra a great score — what would you pick for the best video card for your k8ns ultra ? Great, is this a new board? I think I jumped on the 90nm wagon too fast.

My neo2 didnt want anything to do with 5x HT above mhz. No clearance problems with an xtpe running an ATI Silencer 4.

Which MSI handled fine This ultra is working alot better than my neo2 ever did. Performance seems to have gone down. Roger that, the 20 pin atx and 4 pin 12v atx connectors are present. I can’t find the ram options on this thing!


We guaranatee to run stable at default specs. Additional Product Features Networking Type. The stock programs that come with this board are nothing to rave about.

Got board 1 hr ago. Any idea what that means?

GA-K8NS Ultra (rev. 1.x) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

I didn’t flash the bios. Layout is clean uncluttered and I actually like cmos jumper at reachable location: The vid card wouldnt seat all the way with it in my neo2. The line out audio jack is dead, but it is easy to reassign gw out to a different port with software so no problem.

But I think I’m going to have to get some of that PC to hang at over Great, is that ram BH-5 single sided? But these results were after the fact. Need ulltra bios to fix fsb issue.