I can’t wait to see how you guys perform in the major, and for future tournaments! Foosball for sure every time TI comes, same with ping pong as there are always these two at the TI hotel. At the moment that is only really those 2 teams. Hope you play well big at Shanghai Major! When you face up and defeat former teammates eg. Do you agree with complaints from western teams about the quality of chinese tournaments in general?

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Lately they like tuning into some random Chinese streamers while they wait for a match to start. That team back then was a team that had gone through a lot, they had a deep foundation and vibrant team culture.

I recently just bought a DK mousepad in a peruvian gaming store. We’re not the big bad guys, well, not always – but we do try to be the best and take pride in our hard work at trying to achieve this goal. You can ask iceiceice though, surely he’ll give a good answer. Chinese is not my native language. You come to the community, I root for you.

It’s very important, it is key.

We are EHOME. Ask us anything as we approach The Shanghai Major! : DotA2

Keep up with the latest tech news, reviews wondet previews by subscribing to the Good Gear Guide newsletter. Also, he’s sorry if there’s anything ehome doesnt understand as chinese isn’t his primary language or mothertongue idk not sure!


It is really cool to see a chinese team reaching out to the western scene! Glad to know Chinese teams are starting to make fan gear like that!

TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

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We’ve actually just launched a mini series where we get members of the club and talk to them about relevant topics of the time. Which are your favorite locations to travel to for tournaments? View our privacy policy before signing up. Who do you view as the strongest Western team?

Perhaps in the future we’ll have an international shop, we’d like to but stuff takes time! Do you have any official peripheral sponsors? P is that good?

Old Chicken usually are usually chicken bred at home.

It’s really kind of hard to tell right now. Alliance have shown that they are very good against Western teams with their current playstyle but we have no relevant data to compare them against a team like ehome.

Cty, kaka, old chicken, and 71 have answered more questions! Don’t worry Lanm, all of us feel the same way. Hope you’ll give us a chance to impress, and we hope we can bring you more chances to learn about us! Outside of the battlefield there’s a lot of more casual interaction – for example LaNm really likes Fear’s look with a beard and let him know it before. Foosball for sure every time TI comes, same with ping pong as there are always these two at the TI hotel. Sometimes we dont get what we deserved.



I’m pretty sure is real bro. Alliances last games against Chinese teams were the WCA finals, where lgd took them to 5 games. Overall though, we’d like to win fans wondfr by good play, an appreciation for our fans, and creating a presence that is unique to EHOME so when it’s us, you know it’s us.

EHOME is kind of 71’s baby so it was great for him to be able to bring the team and organization back. We scouted him in the DAC qualifiers, he’d previously been noticed as a high level ladder player as well.