Reply 12 April 7, 1: I just got a new pc and I did not notice that my vid card only has one port. We use cookies to save your settings and to immediately show you the right price information next time you visit our site. My condolences on downgrading to Win 8. Are there any open slots on the motherboard that would allow you to add another video card? I still don’t know if I can, since I’m trying to get Win 7 back to a usable state.

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Now I can’t find a driver for my usb adapter.

Digitus USB 2.0 to DVI Graphic Adapter (Full HD)

Otherwise you are out of luck to do it with a splitter type of cable. While we will keep tabs on the tickets digigus the break, we will respond to them as quickly as possible upon our return. Please also read our Privacy Policy in this regard. I’ve used a couple before, but of course don’t have the URLs, since my old docs were wiped out.


We’re looking up the edits for this post I am a new customer. Assuming you had 32 bit windows 7 and went to 32 bit win8 or 64 bit to 64 bit Here uab a link for this device from Digitus there is a driver link on the right side of this page.


I have dual OS on my computer, and when it crashed, although I could see that Win 8 is still there, I could not boot to it. This website has drivers for the current version.

Graphic adapter, USB 2.0 to VGA, DA-70833

Call-back service We call you back. Subscribe to this post Do not email me updates for this post Email me updates for this post. If as you said you have a video card with one connector you could consider replacing this card entirely with a card that has two ports. I see they sub DVI splitters too on eBay. Sign in or Create Account. I wonder though, does that give you the functionality of dragging windows to the different cigitus and having stuff show up on only one screen like with dual video cards, or does it just duplicate your screen like it is one?

Reply 3 April 12, 4: So that would work?

Immerse digitu in the fascinating world of the electronics! Reply 5 April 12, 6: There are many great features available to you once you register, including: If nothing else resolves the issue, there are VGA splitters available that go from 1 into 2 or more.

Please check your email for a confirmation link. Quoting Wizard, reply 3 That is the kiss of death. This may be an older version of the digitus usb 2.

DIGITUS Da Grafikadapter USB auf VGA Full HD | eBay

You could also buy a cheap card off ebay or such that fits your case dimensions and is of the right slot type to fit one of your spare slots. If this device driver doesnt work then you need to figure out vgx makes this usb to vga device for us to be able to help you with it. Technical Data Sheets German. Any suggestion to get my second screen online would be good. It is possible but unlikely it could work for you. Please take the time to register with us.


Reply 11 April 13, 6: Order by 6 p. More information on the device would help. And, I checked with Windows 8 support, and they told me that the only way to use 2 monitors to extend your desktop you have to have a video card with 2 monitor ports or install 2 video cards.

I’ve got orders and no money at this point to buy dugitus system, if I could find one with Win 7 and 2 monitor ports already in it.

I got a VGA Splitter, and it will only show the same screen on both monitors.