I have a friend who purchased an R11 driver from gfsellers. Hard to tell from the website itself, but the prices…. Just a little thought if Taylormade are making just one head and not 3 or 4 different lofts the costs should be lower now call me synical but i bet that doesnt happen. Also, you said they are shipping from China. I bought some Ping G25s and while the shafts TFC graphite and grips looked ok, the heads had a plastic covered piece of grey foam where the CTP should be Tungsten insert. The Turner was heavier, but at the same weight, with the same shaft and grip they played the same. Golfspy Dave 7 years ago.

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Uncle Leo 7 years ago.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

There are several sites that all look similar, one umbrella company pulling the wool over our eyes. I just bought cobra S2 Driver from Ebay.

It is possible it was a manufacturing fault, and the club was taylomade at a lower price because of it. The serial numbers can be found etched into the back of the hosel on drivers, fairways, and rescue clubs. I am no TMAG apologies, I think the paintwork is merely what they do to differentiate their offerings from other similarly performing clubs.


The name is stupid. Do the right thing and purchase from your local retailer and be assured of receiving the genuine article.

The price was not really inexpensive. Would like to see if it helps with alignment.

Should of known considering that the irons are sold out at EVERY reputable store in my area including the few reputable online dealers. There were subtle differences in the lettering on the headcover and the head itself that you would not know if tay,ormade looking at a real one side by side with the fake.

I switched to Callway is year.

counterfelt Has anyone come across http: Why do these companies ship work and resources out of our domestic economy? Did you ever get an answer? But I do believe a of retailers would be. TM extends shaft length. Stole the show with their sweet finishing look and their unbelievable flex-loft and cavity back technology.

Mike 6 years ago. Go to your local TMPL and get fit like the pros and you will have the same advantage and equipment the best in the world do…. The internet is a jungle where thieves and counterfeiters hide and thrive.

Many of the major manufacturers have started putting a holographic sticker on the shaft. Counterfeeit RBZ was consistently 20 yards longer than my club, and yards longer than any of the other new ones I hit. Wishing you a quick recovery, RP.


SPY PICS! – Taylormade Rocketballz RBZ

Modern works of art. Clearly they are counterfiets,are they? Though the R1 contradicts that, the grey is on the right.

A quick check of their ip addresses confirmed that they are chinese companies set up in I found out later that they were counterfeits.

This is simply the Golf retail industry trying to protect their markets,albeit with some dubious claims,but business is business and alls fair in a dog eat dog business,: That may happen for some of the lesser brands of clubs but I am sure the more ethical manufacturers — such as Titleist or Ping — would not allow anything of the sort.

When I questioned their online customer service they said these are original Pings with serial numbers? Must admit that the prices looked to good to be true and the about us citation was written in pidgin English but the pictures of the clubs looked so real.

CLF 6 years ago.