Errors in attansic L2 “atl2” Bug reported by Jayson Reis on I can only hope the drive is not physically damaged. L2 Mbit Ethernet Adapter rev a0. The image is loaded again by Power ON. L2 Mbit Ethernet Adapter rev a0 Log: Hi Tim, I only need put that address in my sources. Stephan7 sshsteph wrote on

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As of eeepc-acpi-scripts 1. Jordan Bain jbain-deactivatedaccount on Same issue, seen while streaming mpg files from a USB connected external drive connected to an eeepc via samba to a windows box.

atl2 bug on the eeepc: txs packet size do not coinsist with txd

What is suspicious in the dmesg log are several segfaults: Paul Rogalinski v-launchpad-t00ltime-de wrote on A compressed image of your system-state is written to the swap and then the eeepc shuts down. Performance is not that great as it was before 2. If you decide to go this route, refer to the manpage for agl2.

Some ugly hack, at least for kernel 2. A lot of this lines eth0: After installing hda-intel drivers from alsa 1.


Welcome to the atl2 Linux driver project page.

Is this on feisty or on gutsy? Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. Touchpad Scrolling See SynapticsTouchpadunless you’re using lenny on a model with an Elantech touchpad. I think that broke my internet connection some times like in ssh or vnc causing lag. The network works most of the time but once in a while times a day the driver seems unable to send a packet and the watchdog kicks in.

I have attached a similar piece of logging as the one above. Troubleshooting If you have problems with any of the steps above, see our Troubleshooting HowTo. But on the next resume attempt exactly the same thing happens, recovery is again required on the readonly filesystem. I am using eeepc-acpi-scripts 1.

L2 Mbit Ethernet Adapter rev a0 is correct. Nominated for Intrepid by Jayson Reis.

CONFIG_ATL2: Atheros L2 Fast Ethernet support

If on feisty try using the latest version of ndiswrapper. Add these read below: See for more info. I resolved at2l issue by downloading the latest driver from http: Splashy and native resolution of Display Find the line with “append” and write: One “solution” to this issue would be upgrading to the 2.


However, if you have an older install, ensure eeepc-acpi-scripts 1. That is a Kubuntu Remix. Note that the “Shutdown method” option does not seem to be explained in the man page of uswsusp. I have to type it by qtl2 for it to resume. I’m experiencing a similar issue.

Bug # “Errors in attansic L2 “atl2″” : Bugs : linux-ubuntu-modules package : Ubuntu

Create a swap partition of MB: This one is from my new ubuntu install. Apparently this is because X determines the DPI according to the screen resolution, x, and reported physical size of the screen. Have you tried it?