Flashing boot screens and off-centered displays until logged in. For a stacktrace, pick the options that make the game crash and then run the game with gdb. Driver not emitting event when unplugging enabled HDMI output. Intensive text XTerm screen flickering during contents change. Unity 2D is specifically desgned to run on less able graphics hardware.

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Xrpess slow and jerky performance over time while playing WoW. I have turned off extra effects, changed the swappiness value, the basic stuff they say to do to try to get better performance but I have not had any luck making it work faster.

R9 x Tahiti not working properly on Ubuntu May 31st, 8. Displayport mode detected incorrectly.

For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Xpresss scrambled display output using kuickshow might be imlib issue. The strange looking distant ground texture and sometimes black rectangular structures on the ground.

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Power management not working on HDD. Radeon xrandr event when unplug external display on VGA. Window is always black until resized. If you need to reset your password, click here.

[ubuntu] Ubuntu and ATI Radeon Xpress X

It can be done with the following command: I’ll check the memory alignment in the renderers over the weekend and push any changes to git, as that could help a bit doubt it.

Same as above but I only see some player borders and some parts of units Not sure, closes very 2150. Email me about changes to this bug report. Fonts in Gnome’s menu are corrupted by lines. What to do with such a laptop, it is still good but there is no working os anymore?

I cannot test the actual fglrx drivers because they don’t support my Graphic Card.

problem installing ATI Radeon Xpress driver

One pixel high lines appearing all over the place on RS EDID timing clock May 30th, 1. Sign up using Facebook.


At the very least, we can tell the problem has been around a while, as it was also present in Alpha 10 e. Another option would be to use BB ubnutu is On.

If I choose “Suppress” it closes I see those strange coloured polygones for a sec but can’t make a screen shot:. You have an RS Thanks for any help Justin.

Slow performance with bochs.


I believe that is what myconid was referring to. This generally solves the problem.

As long as materialmgr. Posted August 16, X not starting with ATI Caicos.