Just imagining all the things they could do with that in Far Cry with a proper system is pretty scintillating. I would guess the situation would be the same on the linux side. Please feel free to contribute! Why I think so? I have tested the amBx full system.

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The wrist vibrator is nice, but I’d prefer more than just that, like probes you could attach to various spots on the back and underside of your chair and whatnot to create the sensation of a rumbling car or explosion, and I’d want them to do more than just the same vibration every time.

If I want to light up ambbx get blown I will call my girlfriend. The driver installed correctly, but I cannot seem to actually use the speakers. Notify me of new comments via email.

Reboot and et voila, everything should be working! Once again I wish to thank you for showing the support for other pc platforms!

There is a simple priority list that we operate by – PC first, then Mac, then Linux. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I can’t believe it. It’s basically an extreme surround sound setup and each speaker lights itself according to the game.


Philips ambX Windows 10 x64 working : ambx

You feel the action: My lights were in a foot locker for 2 years and now I have them going again. I’d also want them to be able to do more than just move air, like shoot jets of air at me or something. A couple fans libux front of you to simulate wind? I really don’t care so much about the lights, but I would like to use the speakers if possible. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Again, lights from every direction to cover every angle that every light might shine from in the game would work.

Will “we” get an amBX-version of defcon instead of a linux-one? The applications of amBX are only limited by the imagination and creativity of content creators and, ultimately, end users.

amBX vs. linux/mac – Introversion

The truth is we are having a lot of trouble making them compatible with each other. Open the Device Manager and click on your computer to activate it, then from the “Action” menu choose “Add legacy hardware”. Wico – I’d quickly created an account for posting amx and nothing more. The result is an incredibly immersive experience bringing game play into the room.


So go to www. If you are a little kid and like flashy lights and some lame azz fan blowing in your face then by all means buy it. I’m also having this problem: It is almost tomorrow, excuse my spelling and grammar.


linuxx Introversion The Introversion Forums Skip to content. Many games support it now, Crysis on amBX is awesome. CellAnimation Follow Forum Posts: Yanduan Follow Forum Posts: IV are fond of the sound of deadlines rushing by, but not of the same deadline rushing by more than once. We ask something, and we get an answer from one of the developers only one day after Here is my signature. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

But seriously is that, you need to buy an amBX system to have that option on.