I will post images later on today but in the mean time what can I learn bout these – I did hook one up to my system and it sounded pretty good but may need some DeOxit on the crossover- is this something that could help sound Wise. Always imagine the resident noise floor of the gear you’re listening through is audible well before you start playing anything. Skip to main content. You know, Art, just for kicks, you can stuff those s in your Flamenco cabinets as long as you seal the massive port left by the removal of the B with a board that reduces the port volume to 2x10x0. They play and sound great. The sectoral horn of the G was replaced by a blue one piece exponential horn.

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But the loudspeaker drivers were another story: No problems no voice coil rub When the was first designed, there were no commercially available permanent magnets that could cost effectively provide the same level of magnetic energy as a field coil. Some of the more significant models in the Duplex lineup were, in order of introduction, the 15″15″15″12″15″15″ and 12″ The surrounds appear to be in good shape and I don’t see any reason Here are more images.


Some good Altec vintage pre product resources on the web Feb Sold 2 and this is the last one. Altec G first with 16″ diecast frame, retained 6 cell horn, went to 8 ohm xltec 16″ Duplex Speaker Magnets: It is said that Big Reds used E speakers but in fact the variant found in these cabinets is a 16″ front loadable landing, Alnico magnet Duplex with a six cell horn.

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As a result, monitoring needs were very rudimentary and mainly regarded monitoring for technical defects. The current two way speakers with separate LF and HF drivers were too large for this application and Art suggested a coaxial design whereby a LF and HF driver could be combined in one unit. NB – series filter network added hf level control Impedance: Great chance to get a set for yourself.

Better on you Mr.

This is a work in progress Model coaxial 12″ 8 ohm units. That would be a “G” Big Red’s were very popular and still in use i.

Among those was system based on E’s and their own Mastering Labs crossover. NB crossover – series filter network Impedance: Altec Lansing Duplex E and a information Altec’s first Duplex, and arguably the industry’s first dual-coaxial driver.

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Your column here is excellent and I would love to see Stereophile do more of this regarding commisioning restorations, repairs, modification descriptions. I know you know this having followed your columns and publishing in the past. Too many to haul, too difficult to choose lxnsing a few.


Altec Lansing Duplex

lanaing Poor- While this unit does produce sound, both the woofer and the tweeter appear to be blown, each yielding inconsistent and often distorted signal. Maybe you will end up rebuilding the crossovers and sending those old speakers to us for restoration to a listenable condition. Mine fit, but not well.

The big sound and presence created by Altec speakers with a small tube amp I have a modified Scott d is pure magic. Tangential – possibly early version of Tangerine?

Our cabinets are made with genuine 11 ply Baltic birch. I’ve owned this since it was new in the 70’s. I would ask for a raise, that way, you could have let Great Northern bring them back to life and you could have jetted out to brewing Ommegang for a concert and belgian ale. I faced some questions: The original ‘s used late G and H Duplex Speakers – replacing the different horns with their own.